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Psychological Freedom Links

A wonderful website dedicated to Psychology. You can find descriptions of different therapy treatments and approaches to clear explanations of changes throughout the life span. A very worthwhile link.

As well as offering respected medical information and guidance, the Merck Manual provides a very clear descriptor of personality disorders and their corresponding defense mechanisms.

A website sponsored by Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies dedicated to helping you age gracefully. exemplifies the vast uses of the web. This link will take you to about.psychology and to a description of George Vaillant’s Harvard study on adult development.

The official website for the American Psychological Association.

A list of Positive Psychology resources for all levels of interest/

For those interested in learning more about psychoanalytic theory: Freudian theory, Lacanian theory and Object Relations theory are given a good concise introduction.

A wealth of links to specific writings by noted theorists in humanistic and existential psychology.

Learn more about Bowen theory and family dynamics. This site offers clear guidance through his 8 founding principles.