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One has no right to despair because one has been deceived in one’s expectations: one must revise them...

If Not Now When? Getting the most out of later life.

This didactic and experiential workshop is designed to help you explore a new developmental stage in your life-span. You will gain insight and skill in creating a meaningful and healthy later life.This session includes exercises meant to facilitate examining the unique challenges of later life. The exercises can and should be used on an ongoing basis as a means of enhancing self-awareness and improving your physical and emotional quality of life. We are all aging, so there is no age limit, young or old, for participants.

Responses to IF NOT NOW WHEN?

...This has been one of the best workshops offered! It was all very relevant. I felt challenged to think about the aging process and will thoroughly review my attitude toward growing older. I also feel I can duplicate her exercises on my own and continue to benefit from it.

...Of most worth was the knowledge that change in attitude toward aging and the aged begins with me. I can change the way I react in situations I am exposed to, especially when I witness discrimination against the elderly.

...The exercises on introspection, like the coliseum exercise with questions to help us ponder life’s big issues in a systematic way, were very helpful. This was an excellent workshop. It has motivated me to review where I am in life and consider changes that need to be made to prepare for aging as well as improve present life.

...Nora is an excellent facilitator for this valuable topic. Thank you Nora!

..Please offer this again, several others want this course!

...Nora’s workshop made me take a good look at myself.

..It was valuable to learn about the overall importance of all aspects of your life and how it affects the way we age.

...This workshop will help me in future relationships and forgiveness. I now view myself in a different light.

...I believe I will now appreciate the aging process and making the most of it.

--Faculty and Staff at the University of Florida, 2005-2006

Activating and Nuturing Postitive Emotion in Life.

This workshop is based on the premise that depression and anxiety can be reduced and prevented by enhancing positive emotion and experience. Current scientific research in the field of emotion and brain pathways will be discussed and elaborated upon. Practical exercises will be offered to teach participants how to expand on their strengths and virtues while gaining deeper knowledge of their own particular pathways. This session will assist those interested in redirecting their attention from negative self-defeating emotions, to creative, nurturing and positive emotions.

Responses to Activating and Nuturing Postitive Emotion in Life.

...Finally a seminar that tells us we as individuals are valuable, of value, worthy, to ourselves as individual humans. I’ve been working for six years with technology (computers, software, web) –it decreases time invested in “interpersonal” and humanness.

...A lot of this is of value to me. Dr. Infante hit and talked on a lot of emotional and physical feelings that I have been battling with. She was most helpful. I’ll take positive feelings and thoughts from this workshop. To slow down in my life, forgiving people and letting things go. This workshop was great. I’m going to take it and change the way I think about situations.

...It’s all very enlightening and useful in all aspects of life and all relationships–with one’s self and others. This workshop is excellent in every way. I highly recommend it!

...This was a most excellent workshop! Understanding where emotions come from and knowing that we can choose our reactions to events is something I will be able to apply everyday. Discussing specific examples of real-life experiences (work situations, etc.) was very helpful.

...Excellent! Should be taken at least once a year for reinforcement!

...Super! Would like additional workshops of this nature.

...This workshop was helpful in getting me to think about how my emotions influence the way I react to situations. The information on how and why I feel so emotional to some things was priceless information. Am very impressed that HR has offered these courses to help deal with overall issues in work and life situations.

...Steps to change my negative thoughts to positive thoughts was the most valuable tool in this workshop. This especially will be useful in my personal and professional life. I am going to encourage all of my employees to attend this workshop next semester. I am thankful that UF has offered this for itís employees overall physical and emotional well-being.

...My overall impression of this workshop is that I need much much more of it! This is an excellent very hope inspiring workshop.

...Excellent presentation. Dr. Infante is superb. She is very clear in her explanations, and very knowledgeable. It was truly a pleasure taking her class.

--Faculty and Staff at the University of Florida, 2005-2006